About Us


Balikatan Orphanage Movement Foundation International Inc.-ONLUS was founded on February 14, 2003 by Nelson Tacusalme. This passion is to establish an orphanage for the orphans, street children, out of school youth and less fortunate in the Philippines. Also to tap all communities, civic organizations, government or a private sectors and philanthropic individuals in sponsoring the tasks and activities of the foundation.

Balikatan Orphanage Movement Foundation International Inc.-ONLUS  also organize fund raising locally and abroad to be able to finance a school for the orphans in order to nurture their educational, cultural and spiritual lives. To provide scholarship grants, recreational and cultural activities to ensure a good education for the orphans. Develop and strengthen their spiritual and moral values through evangelization and counseling and help them preserve and strengthen family relations, Filipino customs and traditions. To teach the prevention of drug abuse and other related vices affecting the youth. Balikatan shall be the centre of information of events and other interests affecting them. This foundation shall serve as a conduct for any beneficial gesture from philanthropically spirited persons or organizations and also to conduct any and all activities or undertakings in order to accomplish the foregoing objectives of the foundation.